Building Specs

Building Address

Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, NY 10965

Building Square Feet


Building Construction

Reinforced Concrete

Building Shell

Concrete, single plane glass

Ceiling Height

9 feet – Slab to Ceiling Grid

Year Built


Building Stories

Building 1 (BHP1)- 23 stories (includes CCL, Lobby + 21 floors)

Building 2 (BHP2) – 8 stories (includes CCL- Lobby + 6 floors)

Square Feet Per Floor

BHP1 – 27,500 SF
BHP2v- 75,000 SF

Land Area

93 acres

Building Access -After Hours

Access Card system, 24 hour security

Electric Feeder Capacity

There are two (2) 69,000-volt underground feeders from a substation located in Montvale, NJ to an Orange & Rockland substation, dedicated solely to Blue Hill Plaza, located on-site in the parking lot. The two transmission lines from Montvale are encased separately in concrete. From Blue Hill Plaza’s on-site substation, which is maintained by Orange & Rockland, there are two (2) 13,200-volt underground feeders that power the substations within the building. In both cases one feeder can carry the building load. (This does not include the data center power)
There are two (2) 20 MW (Megawatt) transformers. Additional 40MW can become available)
The Montvale substation has three (3) separate feeders coming from two locations within Rockland County and one from New Jersey.
In addition, there are two (2) separate transformer banks at the Montvale substation that both can support Blue Hill Plaza’s building load if needed. Besides the normal two (2) feeds from the NY ISO there is also a PJM interconnect that is utilize by O & R to supply their New Jersey based customer and could be utilized to feed Blue Hill Plaza if necessary.


– Additional Capacity Available
There is an additional 2000 amps @ 480 volts readily available. There is an additional 8000 amps that could be available with the installation of additional gear.
-Process to obtain additional power/ who is the provider The power provider is Orange and Rockland Utilities. There is additional power available in the building from the building owners.


Telephone (Fiber Optic/T-1/Etc.)
Redundant fiber – Provider – Verizon
Redundancy (sonnet rings/diverse points of entry, how close to provider’s central communication office) There is fiber available from two central offices, entering two separate telephone equipment rooms within the site. The central offices are approximately two (2) miles from the site. (Orangeburg & Pearl River)

Additional Fiber Providers

Verizon – Bldg 1 & 2
Verizon Business – Bldg 2
Verizon Fios – Bldg 1 & 2
Lightpath Bldg 1 & 2
Cablevision- Bldg 1 & 2
FiberTech – Bldg 1 & 2
Hudson Valley Data Net-Building 1 & 2

Loading Dock

15 accessible bays

On-Site Personnel

2 Property Managers, 2 Administrative Assistants, 3rd Party – 9 engineers, 3rd Party -Security Staff, 3rd Party Day & Night Cleaning Staff, Freight Operators.


A security desk is located at the main entrance to each building and is manned by security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, a security guard roves the interior and exterior of the Complex.