Double Up for Good with Active Cares!

Your cost of admission goes to good, thanks to Active International!

Join Active International on August 10th for an all-American feel-good community evening! The Active International Charity Challenge game between the Rockland Boulders and the Trois-Rivieres Aigles will be a homerun for local charities and one lucky individual.

Here’s how it works – every $20.00 you donate gets you 2 seats to the game and 40 raffle tickets. Active International has already purchased the seats – so your $20.00 goes to support local charities.

By the end of the night one lucky winner will win half of the money in a 50/50 drawing – the other half will go to fund 3 critical programs at The Center for Safety and Change and VCS, Inc through the ActiveCares Fund.

How this project makes a difference

This project will fund 3 critical programs at The Center for Safety and Change, and VCS, Inc.

Through the Center for Safety and Change’s SAEDA program, we will fund the training of high school student leaders in education and prevention programs that celebrate diversity, challenge oppressive social norms and inspire youth to end gender-based violence.

In partnership with Hi Tor Animal Shelter, The Center for Safety and change will also work to find safe homes for the animals caught in the middle of domestic violence disputes until they can become reunited with their owners.

VCS, Inc assists people who have unexpectedly become the sole caretakers of grandchildren, nieces or nephews. VCS leads support groups and provides help, giving unanticipated caretakers a place to turn to when their empty-nests are suddenly full again.

Our Goal

Our goal is to sell out the game and pack the park so that together we can raise tens of thousands of dollars for these organizations doing everyday good to elevate the Rockland community. And one lucky person will slide home with a big 50/50 win!