Local Firm Brosnan Risk Consultants is Growing….And Moving to Blue Hill Plaza

Local Firm Brosnan Risk Consultants is Growing….And Moving to Blue Hill Plaza

Brosnan Risk Consultants, a Rockland County based security, investigations and consulting firm, has been in business in the area since 1996. The CEO and owner, Pat Brosnan, a highly decorated NYPD robbery Detective whose distinguished career was cut short by line of duty injuries, started the company as a “one-man show”, initially working out of his home. Today, the company has over 1,000 employees with offices in Manhattan, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Orlando, Milwaukee and Washington DC. Brosnan also has satellite offices in London and Toronto. Apart from over 1000 security officers, Brosnan Risk employs dozens of local residents in its Rockland-based corporate headquarters, including investigations, operations, intelligence, technology, finance, and human resources staff and consultants. Many Brosnan employees are active or retired law enforcement members or former military personnel.

Brosnan Risk has assembled an all-star team that includes company President, Edmund Hartnett, former NYPD Deputy Chief and former Yonkers Police Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer, John O’Connor, a former Accenture and KPMG partner and a former global, public company COO. The Brosnan Executive team and formidable list of Senior Consultants include former Homicide investigators, Detective Squad commanders, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force unit leaders, police chiefs, retired judges, military generals, attorneys, accountants, Ph.Ds. and private sector executives from the finance, banking and insurance industries. Brosnan’s client list includes Walmart, TD Bank, Sotheby’s, Saks Fifth Ave, Three World Trade Center, The Javits Center, The New York Wheel, One Wall Street and Party City.

Brosnan Risk is at the forefront of innovation in the security industry, employing cutting-edge technology to mitigate risk for clients world-wide. Last year, Pat Brosnan announced the opening of the Brosnan Command Center. As a key component of the Brosnan Smart Security program, the 24/7 Brosnan Command Center transmits emergency alert notifications, researches, extracts and monitors information from social media, tracks activity and monitors cameras at over 1300 locations using military grade geospatial technology, and best-in-class video analytics. This dramatic pivot in operations has served the company well; Brosnan Risk consistently beats their larger security company competitors.

CEO Pat Brosnan said: “We realized that, in order to meet the needs of our clients and to compete as a David against an army of larger Goliaths, we had to become a technology-driven company. We’ve invested over $2 million in the Brosnan Command Center and are committed to future capital investment to ensure a world class command and control center. On September 5th, the firm will move their corporate headquarters to the 14th floor of Blue Hill Plaza. This state-of-the-art facility will triple our space and quadruple the size of the command center.” Company President Edmund Hartnett commented on the growth of Brosnan Risk Consultants: “I’ve been company President for five years. But I’ve known Pat Brosnan for over 30 years. We go back to working together in the 46th Precinct in the Bronx in the mid 1980’s. Pat is the one of the most determined individuals I’ve ever known. And that dogged nature is a key factor in our company’s recent growth and success. Yes, we’re a smaller boutique type of firm. But, to us, that means that we are nimble, adaptable, proactive and extremely responsive to our clients. And we never rest on our laurels.” The company slogan says it best: Brosnan protects thousands of clients and billions of dollars in assets every day.


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