Norway’s Airport Company Avinor, Expands Its Qognify Security Solution at thier Gardermoen Oslo Airport

A major airport company located in Norway called Avinor, has expanded its Qognify Security Solution at the Gardermoen Oslo Airport to enhance operations and physical security. Avinor is responsible for managing all of Norway’s airports, and they recently announced to the public that this expansion will unite the multiple systems already installed, and create a more secure combined security platform.

Since 2008, the Airport has used Qognify video management solutions with support of Racom, a Qognify partner. In addition, the Airport has added Situator, a situation management solution. The platform integrates all existing systems; Qognify and third-party, including sensors, access control, and surveillance cameras. The Gardermoen Oslo Airport is a major hub for surrounding Europe. According to an news article, “Oslo serves many Schengen flights, meaning flights to the 26 European countries that have officially abolished passport and all other types of border control at their borders. Allowing the area to function as a single country for international travel purposes dictates special operational requirements using advanced Flexigate system. The Flexigate system avoids incidents where the wrong doors are opened to ensure that passengers who should go through the border control actually do so. Situator integrates with the advanced Flexigate access control system and overrides switching of gates between Schengen and non-Schengen flights, as well as the domestic flights if the control systems are out of operations.”

With Gardermoen Oslo Airport’s decision to add Qognify’s Situator to their operations and security, the Oslo Airport’s programs have made leaps and bounds. The Airport notes: “Situator allows us to leverage our existing technology, and extend the capabilities of those systems for increased value. Our long-term partnership with Racom and Qognify has given us the ability to smartly and cost-effectively upgrade our security without having to rip and replace previous, viable investments.”