Nyack Hospital’s Care Transformation Project

Nyack Hospital’s recent informational meeting about an exciting new project called The Care Transformation Project, is making strides. The Project involves construction on the hospital that will most likely be finished by the year 2019. This two-story addition of 16,300 square feet will address the ever-changing healthcare needs of the community, expedite the response time, and reinforce the commitment to cultivating healthcare careers in the Hudson Valley region. Nyack Hospital President and CEO, Dr. Mark Geller says, “We are committed to meeting the changing health care needs of those we serve, which includes being responsive to the underserved and vulnerable members of our community…This initiative will help transform our health care delivery system by integrating access to primary, emergent, specialty, and community-based care.”

Some highlights of the new building project will include additions to the Emergency Department and formation of a Medical Village. The Emergency Department will expand its trama treatment area, build a new Behavioral Assesment unit, create a seperate fast-track urgent care center, and more. The Emergency Department is one of the most active in the Hudson Valley, having more than 60,000 visits in 2015 alone. Constructing an urgent care center will assist patients with more appropriate levels of care. The Medical Village will include services such asPrimary and Specialty care providers, community-based support services, and more.

Dr. Geller states, “The development of a Medical Village on the Hospital campus strengthens our ability to offer ease-of-access to appropriate and specialized health care services within the Hospital or in the community. Providing appropriate alternatives to hospitalization by linking patients to community resources that best meets their health care needs, will enhance our health care delivery system and reduce costs and unnecessary hospitalizations.”

For one of Rockland’s largest employers, this project at Nyack Hospital which is set to cost around $24 million, will be the largest health care project since the 19,600 square foot Cancer Center was added to its campus in 1999. This Initiative is made possible by a grant from Capital Restructuring Finance Program of New York State and Hospital Matching Funds.