Office Evolution Featured in Rockland County Business Journal

Office Evolution, the work-share space based in Building One will be doubling its capacity this coming fall 2019. Office Evolution opened its doors back in June 2018 and has quickly become a go-to location for professionals ranging from attorneys and CPA’s to construction companies seeking a work space that is tailored to their specific needs.

According to the Rockland County Business Journal, “Entrepreneurs are seeking spaces that don’t tie them down with long leases or add-on costs. Today’s economy requires business owners to be agile and responsive to change. What Office Evolution has figured out in less than a year is that there is demand for even smaller spaces than the ones they’re offering now. When the company takes over an additional 7,000-square-feet of space this October, it will create offices smaller than 60 square feet that will rent for $600 monthly. Right now, the company’s smallest space is nearly 70 square feet and rents for $679 a month.”

Office Evolution’s expansion will allow many entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout the County and surrounding areas to utilize office space with a new twist. All offices are networking-friendly, flexible, fully furnished, a social environment, and have much more. Office Evolution’s space in Blue Hill Plaza is run by franchisee, Joy Wenzer, who commented: “There are a lot of people out there, and more every day, who are not working in a traditional job structure…This is a growing business model.”

For more on this story, click the Rockland County Business Journal link below, and visit the Office Evolution website to learn more about their suite spaces in Blue Hill Plaza.