Office Evolution signs three development agreements by the end of 2019

Office Evolution, a work-share space, ended 2019 by signing deals that will allow the company to move forward and create room for growth in 2020. 

During the year, Office Evolution had various achievements, including but not limited to: opening up 11 new locations in eight states and signing 13 development deals. 

CEO and founder, Mark Hemmeter, shared that the company “...started 2019 with the goal of opening more locations to service more independent employers and small business owners and [they] surpassed that goal. [They] also added plenty of dedicated franchise partners who believe in [their] mission and are passionate about helping small business owners succeed.” 

In early 2020, Office Evolution plans to reign in the new year by opening a new location in Tampa, Florida; one of 25 locations they plan to open in 2020. 

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