Syncsort Reports: Security Is Key To Business Resilience

As announced in IT Jungle’s article, our tenant Syncsort has published a “State of Resilience” report, which is comprised of key points with a main focus on security and disaster recovery.

For the course of seven months in 2017, Syncsort surveyed 5,632 IT professionals and gathered that security initiative was of top concern and importance.

In the introduction of their “State of Resilience” report, Syncsort notes how enterprises have begun to take notice of said complex security concerns: “Malevolent state and non-state actors have breached corporate and governmental systems alike: Equifax and the IRS experienced hacking attacks, while Target, Home Depot, Anthem, and others incurred stiff compliance fines for data breaches…These complex hacking attacks, viruses, and related failures across multiple systems present serious risks to business operations and information integrity.”

As 2018 moves forward, Syncsort stresses how privacy and security will be of top concern for most all companies, businesses, and enterprises alike, and when it comes to implementing strategies for disaster recovery, Syncsort found that: “Companies need to “shore up” their protections…Nearly half of businesses experienced a failure requiring a high availability/disaster recovery solution to resume operations,” and it adds up, as “a little more than one-third lost a few minutes to an hour of data, 28 percent lost a few hours, while 31 percent lost a day or more.”
The Vice President of Global Services, Terry Plath notes: “Business resilience requires the right mix of planning and technology, and this survey did a thorough job of uncovering how businesses are tackling this increasingly complex and multi-faceted challenge.”

For more on this study, please visit the IT Jungle article and Syncsort’s website for more information.


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