The Buddhist Community Visits Blue Hill Plaza for Their “Eastern USA Liberation Ceremony for Land and Water Beings”

Blue Hill Plaza is happy to host the Buddhist Community for “The Eastern USA Liberation Ceremony for Land and Water Beings” for the fourth year!

The Ancient Shanghai Longhua Monastery, in cooperation with the Buddhist Temples of the East Coast is performing the incredible ceremony over the course of eight days. Master Zhao Cheng, the abbot of the Ancient Longhua Temple, is presiding over the event, along with 100 additional eminent monastics trained to perform the ceremony.

Through the recitation of Buddhist sutras, repentance prostrations, and the chanting of sacred mantras, together all will pray for world peace and the end of catastrophes. The members participating in the ceremony and event aim to generate wisdom and compassion in order to bring about favorable climate conditions, social harmony, economic development, prosperity, and blessings to citizens of the United States of America, China, and all people of the world.

The Buddhist Community welcomes kind-hearted people from all walks of life to join them: “May everyone enjoy the bliss of Universal Truth, and bask in the light of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.”

The Glorious Sun Group, and Kingrich Asia Holdings Limited (both from Hong Kong) are sponsoring the event along with various Buddhist organizations. The event began with a purification ceremony on October 5th, and will conclude with a ceremony of gratitude and appreciation on the 12th.  Together, everyone present will be continually praying for blessings to avoid disasters on land and at sea.

To hear more information, please contact:
Master Refa, President of Buddhist Peaceful Enlightenment at 347-517-0250


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