The complex was developed to satisfy the High Reliability Requirements of a modern Corporate Data Center. While conveniently close to Manhattan Blue Hill Plaza is not on the Manhattan power grid.  The property has survived power outages that have affected New York City and the Tri State Region. The property is also outside of the New York City telecommunications hub, allowing higher reliability of data and communications services. Local electrical utility provides redundant service to Blue Hill Plaza with two independent, physically separated circuits. Blue Hill Plaza also features 14 Megawatts of installed capacity that is expandable to 18 MW, providing sufficient capacity for any tenant including back-up power generators for redundancy. In addition to base building primary systems, the complex also has a fully independent glycol system with redundant main piping allowing tenants to install high reliability independent HVAC systems with the ability to run 24/7/365.

Data Recovery Center

James B. Tully

Executive Vice President



Jon Meisel

Senior Vice President