Recycling Procedures


Blue Hill Plaza has a third party recycling consultant from Great Forest, Inc. who personally meets with each new tenant to review recycling procedures and needs. 


Rockland law mandates recycling the following items:

  • All paper, including newspapers, magazines, catalogues, etc.
  • Glass
  • Metal cans, such as coffee cans
  • Plastic all types, including polystyrene and plastic bags
  • Aluminum cans, such as soda cans and clean aluminum containers
  • Cardboard boxes (except for waxed boxes)


Paper - All tenants will be required to separate all high grade office paper, which includes computer paper, letterhead, copier paper, typing paper and all paper of similar quality (see attached list).  To make recycling easier, each employee should have a separate receptacle by his or her desk (preferable the blue Rubbermaid recycling pails). 


Glass, metals and plastics  - Glass, metals and plastics can be placed together in a gray-labeled co-mingled recycling container located in your pantry or kitchen areas. Please do not put co-mingle items into the blue paper recycling containers. Items must be free of food or liquid contaminants.


Cardboard- Tenants will also be required to store all flattened corrugated cardboard boxes in a designated recycling bin that will be removed from your space upon request by the day porter. All cardboard removal requests must be called in to our customer service at (845) 735-2400.   


All receptacles must be used only for the designated wastes.  Contaminants in these bins will spoil our efforts to make a difference to the environment. Please no food or food paper items, such as tissues, napkins, paper cups or plates, in the recycling. Recycling with coffee, liquids or other food wastes will be treated as trash. Please do not put plastics, metals or glass with the paper recycling.


Recycling is a key solution to many of the environmental problems our country is now facing. It lessens the burden on our landfills and saves natural resources by reducing the need for forest clearing and mining, activities that also disrupt animal habitats.  Recycling also saves energy: using reprocessed materials requires far less energy than using raw materials.  Furthermore, recycling is the law in Rockland County.


For further information, please read the enclosed instructions or contact Great Forest, Inc. at 212-779-4757 for assistance in setting up this process.


Instruction for Source Separation of Recyclable Materials


Step One:

  • A recycling consultant for Blue Hill Plaza will meet with tenant to review recycling procedures and needs.
  • Tenant will supply each employee with a recyclable blue container for his or her desk.
  • All pantry and kitchen areas to be supplied with a large gray recycling container labeled “Co-Mingle”.


Step Two:

  • The building cleaning staff will empty the blue Rubbermaid recycling containers when they are full as part of their cleaning duties.
  • The building cleaning staff will empty “Co-Mingle” recycling containers as needed.
  • The materials are stored in Blue Hill Plaza’s Recycling Room and then will be removed from the building by the recycling company, which has been designated for Blue Hill Plaza.


Acceptable Materials for Paper Recycling (blue bin)


  • Binders with paper in them
  • Bond paper
  • Booklets
  • Brown Kraft paper
  • Carbonless paper
  • Colored paper
  • Company bulletins and flyers
  • Company newsletters
  • Computer print outs
  • Copier paper and wrappers
  • Envelopes, with or without plastic windows
  • Fax paper
  • Forms (may be boxed and/or shrink-wrapped)
  • Glossy paper
  • Hanging file folders
  • Magazines, including glossy ones
  • Manila folders
  • Mixed papers
  • Newspapers
  • Pads of paper, even with gummed backing
  • Pamphlets
  • Post-it notes
  • Tabbed dividers
  • White ledger paper
  • Window envelopes
  • Writing tablets


Unacceptable Paper Recycling (blue bin)


  • No paper contaminated with food or liquids, such as coffee cups
  • No paper used for personal care, such as tissues, napkins
  • No cups, plates, dirty trays, used towels, plastic envelopes (FedEx)
  • No food waste
  • No plastic forks, knives, spoons, etc. - (These can be recycled in co-mingle) 


Acceptable Materials for “Co-Mingle” Container (gray container)


  • Aluminum cans, if emptied and rinsed
  • Aluminum foil items, if clean and rinsed of food debris
  • Binders without paper in them
  • Computer parts, except for monitors (see below)
  • Computer disks
  • Electronic items, except for rechargeable batteries (see below)
  • Glass, any color, if cleaned, rinsed and unbroken
  • Metal items, such as coffee cans, if clean and rinsed
  • Metal file holders
  • Metal desk items, such as clips, scissors, staplers, etc.
  • Plastic envelops
  • Plastic desk items, such as in-out trays, paper clip holders, etc.
  • Plastic storage items, such as crates
  • Plastic utensils, if cleaned and rinsed
  • Plastic bottles, if cleaned and rinsed
  • Plastic packaging, including foam and peanuts (place in a bag)
  • Plastic peanuts (bagged please)
  • Plastic food containers, if cleaned and rinsed
  • Wood items, such as clean crates


Unacceptable “Co-Mingle” Container (gray container)


  • No food waste
  • No hazardous materials, which include computer monitors and certain battery types, such as lead acid. (Please contact 845-735-2400 for more information)
  • No plastic bags
  • No broken glass items
  • No dishes or china
  • No furniture


Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Electronic Recycling Program


As a result of recent amendments to both Federal EPS regulations and Department of Environmental Protection regulations, fluorescent light bulbs are now considered universal waste and must be recycled. Blue Hill Plaza has set up a recycling program and will make drums available to any tenant that performs it own light bulb maintenance. A company called AERC Recycling Solutions will periodically pick up these drums at the building. Please contact the Property Management Office to discuss associated costs and logistics. 


If the Blue Hill Plaza building staff performs the light bulb maintenance, no further arrangements need to be made. 


In addition, all electronic items such as computers, monitors and/or batteries must be recycled and stored in Blue Hill Plaza’s recycle room. Please contact the Management Office to make arrangements for disposal of items.

James B. Tully

Executive Vice President


Jon Meisel

Senior Vice President


Brian Godau

First Vice President