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First show: A truly special exhibition opening. Join us for an afternoon to remember. Saturday, June 1 from 2-4:30 pm

We are honoring the of History of SALUTE TO WOMEN IN THE ARTS. SALUTE TO WOMEN IN THE ARTS  (SALUTE) Is celebrating fifty continuous years since its founding in 1974. Dorothy Perron and a seed group of concerned artists created SALUTE TO WOMEN IN THE ARTS. They saw a need In northern  New Jersey for an organization representing women in the arts. In the beginning, SALUTE members represented the performing arts, visual and literary arts. Now, visual arts is predominant. SALUTE TO WOMEN IN THE ARTS celebrated its 30th anniversary at The Blue Hill Art And Culture Center with an exhibition at art. Now SALUTE is pleased to be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. We are marking fifty years of continuous operation and service to the artists of northern New Jersey and beyond again with a special exhibition at The Blue Hill Art And Culture Center.

In these fifty years, many artists have been members and have developed their skills and made connections with fellow artists. During a time when women artists found it hard to find recognition, SALUTE offered a safe harbor where women artists found recognition and fellowship. Today, they are inspired by the world at large as well as their inner thoughts and mind’s eye. Their work is creative, inspirational, beautiful, current and ever changing. Many have years of artistic achievement. Others are finding that art is their vocation. All approach making art with enthusiasm, growing and developing their ideas. SALUTE is always growing, embracing new artists and old timers.
SALUTE is a volunteer run arts cooperative always supporting its membership which embraces the community at large.. It sponsors art exhibits throughout the year on a variety of themes, always offering a platform for all its members to exhibit their work.

Finally, SALUTE has an active art website. Members' art is displayed, information about SALUTE and its history can be found there. it is an introduction to the membership and this special organization. https://www.salutetowomeninthearts.org

More information can be found here http://www.bluehillartandculturalcenter.com

Vincent & Tatiana: The Artist's Life

Second show: is a celebration of an artist couple who have shown at Blue Hill over the many years:

Tatiana Onus Capraro lfe came to an end this year at the age of almost 107 years. This exhibition is a tribute to her and her husband Vincent Caprarro.

More information can be found here http://www.bluehillartandculturalcenter.com

Past Installations

Perspective and Perception

Structures & Time

Selected from over one thousand entries, the new art exhibition at Blue Hill Plaza features works from nineteen artists and includes paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures which convey an affect interpreted by the curator's as Structure and Time. View the virtual exhibition below and at


Sidney Simon: The Gift

Works by Sidney Simon being gifted to various National Museums from the Renee A. Simon Revocable Trust.

James B. Tully

Executive Vice President



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Senior Vice President



Brian Godau

First Vice President